30 Jul

Wipe New: A Little Goes a Long Way!

SuperShopper recently reviewed Wipe New on Amazon and he began by discussing the sun-worn flares and bumpers on his 2008 Jeep, some methods he used in the past to try and correct the problem, and his reservations about Wipe New.

He goes on to discuss how impressed he was with the Wipe New product. “It went on smoothly,” he says, “and one bottle covered two full plastic bumpers, 4 big fender flares, two door handles, the hood latches, both mirror assemblies, the headlights, back gate hinge covers, wiper arms on the front and back, the sides of the hard top, and the headlights on another car!! AND I still have enough to do the top of the hard top if I decide to climb up there and do it one day!!!”

A “little bottle goes a long, long, long way!” he declares.

And has Wipe New stood the tests of weather and time? “It’s been a month” since applying Wipe New on his Jeep, says SuperShopper, and “we have had rain and thunderstorms, I live in Oklahoma so we have had plenty of sun to beat down on it too….so far I’m very impressed.”

Read SuperShopper’s full Wipe New review

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