30 Sep

ABC Station Asks: Does Wipe New Work?

ABC station, KGUN, of Tuscan, AZ recently began a new product testing segment “Does it Work” for their “Good Morning Tucson” show and KGUN viewers asked them review Wipe New.


“KGUN9 asked you, our viewers, to email us products you’d like us to try before you buy” says April Madison. “An item you suggested — the ‘Wipe New’ promises to make certain surfaces of your vehicle look new again.”

They decided to take Wipe New to a junk yard to do some testing and they used Wipe New on two different automobiles. “We tested the Wipe New on headlights, an outer tire fender and an inside door pane. All surfaces we tested looked new after just one wipe” reports April.

April gave the product a thumbs up. “Wipe New definitely got the job done.”

Read their full Wipe New review

24 Sep

Wipe New Makes a Big Difference

Kirk Yuhnke – of KDVR (Denver, CO) – recently reviewed Wipe New for his “Kirk, Does It Work” series and he asks one local auto dealership to help him with the Wipe New review.

“300 days of sunshine! We love our sunny state but it can wreak havoc on our cars. It can destroy the dashboard, the bumpers and other plastics” Yuhnke begins “Wipe New claims to fix that. Making your car look like new.”


Kirk decides to test Wipe New by visiting car dealership, Mazda of Lakewood, who accepts a lot of trade-in cars as they do business. Kirk looks for the most “faded plastic and rubber in their lot” and they put Wipe New to the test.

They treated various parts of the car including the back molding, interior plastic and a front grill. “It was immediately clear that Wipe New was making a big difference” says Kirk.

Mazda of Lakewood representative, Ricky, cautions that a lot of car trim restorers look good at the beginning but fade away in less than a week. “Time will tell.” Kirk follows up with Ricky a week later and reports that he “is pretty impressed” with how Wipe New works and is keeping its’ shine.

Watch the full Wipe New on KDVR

16 Sep

As Seen on TV Customers Love Wipe New

wipe-new-reviews-As-Seen-on-TV-comAsSeenOnTV.com is a website dedicated to all those products we love to see advertised on TV. On their page dedicated to Wipe New, the creators of this site allowed real As Seen on TV customers to provide their own Wipe New reviews.

Check out some of their comments about the Wipe New car trim restorer:

“I purchased this product to bring back the ‘like new look’ to my vinyl outside and inside of the vehicle. It did exactly what was advertised.” – Bob, Raleigh, NC

“I found the product easy to apply and a little did go a long way. I used 1/2 bottle for my entire car – bumpers, wheel trim, wheel wells. It makes everything look brand new!” – GAtallGal from Winder, GA

“I waited a year to write this review since I really wanted to see if this stuff did last as long as was advertised. And it does!” – swimmom from Wilm, DE

Overall, these Wipe New customers gave Wipe New a 4.8 stars (out of 5 stars) rating.

Check out the Wipe New reviews on AsSeenOnTV.com

09 Sep

Wipe New Headlight Restore Ranked #1 in Amazon


Wipe New Headlight Restore ranks #1 in Amazon’s “Headllight Restoration Kit” category. This Wipe New product made especially for headlight restoration also holds a five (out of five) star rating by Amazon’s customers and it also ranks #1 one in the “Body” category for “Paint, Body and Trim.”

Wipe New Headlight Restore offers:

  • Headlights guaranteed to pass inspection for the lifetime of your vehicle
  • Easy to apply, lasts through hundreds of car washes
  • Apply once and lasts for years while saving time and money
  • Clear your lens in just seconds
  • Is made in the USA

Learn more about Wipe New Headlight Restore!

01 Sep

Fox Station Declares Wipe New a Deal!


FOX 4 station, KDFW of Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, reviewed Wipe New for their “Deal or Dud” series and declare it a “Deal!”

Local resident, Hal Jefffords, called KDFW and asked consumer reporter, Steve Noviello, to review Wipe New on his 2005 Land Rover. “All the plastic parts are really getting old and grey looking,” says Jefffords, “I just want to get those new looking if possible.”

“It’s a huge difference” Jeffords says after using Wipe New on his Land Rover. “It looks like it did when I first got it.”

“Impressive” declares Noviello.

KDFW then asks Jeffords to run his car through a car wash 25 times to see if Wipe New stands up. “It still looks great” says Jeffords, “I think it’s a Deal!”

Watch the Wipe New review on KDFW