24 Sep

Wipe New Makes a Big Difference

Kirk Yuhnke – of KDVR (Denver, CO) – recently reviewed Wipe New for his “Kirk, Does It Work” series and he asks one local auto dealership to help him with the Wipe New review.

“300 days of sunshine! We love our sunny state but it can wreak havoc on our cars. It can destroy the dashboard, the bumpers and other plastics” Yuhnke begins “Wipe New claims to fix that. Making your car look like new.”


Kirk decides to test Wipe New by visiting car dealership, Mazda of Lakewood, who accepts a lot of trade-in cars as they do business. Kirk looks for the most “faded plastic and rubber in their lot” and they put Wipe New to the test.

They treated various parts of the car including the back molding, interior plastic and a front grill. “It was immediately clear that Wipe New was making a big difference” says Kirk.

Mazda of Lakewood representative, Ricky, cautions that a lot of car trim restorers look good at the beginning but fade away in less than a week. “Time will tell.” Kirk follows up with Ricky a week later and reports that he “is pretty impressed” with how Wipe New works and is keeping its’ shine.

Watch the full Wipe New on KDVR

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