21 Oct

Subaru Enthusiasts Consider Wipe New

NASIOC is “the world’s largest online community for Subaru enthusiasts” and one NASIOC online moderator, “Big Ron,” recently discussed his first-time experience using Wipe New Tires.

Ron discovered Wipe New Tires at his local Walmart and decided to give it a try. He shared how he followed Wipe New directions by first cleaning the tire. He was also sure to apply Wipe New Tires on the entire tire surface and used more than one coat.


Ron then shared multiple pictures of his results with Wipe New as he declares how he was “impressed” with the initial results. Ron was also impressed with the ability of Wipe New Tires to maintain a shine. Wipe New Tires is “a step or two above say 303 which is infamous for low gloss when used on tires” Ron concludes.

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20 Oct

Wipe New: Some FAQs and Customer Reviews

wipe-new-review-seentv-showcaseSeenTV Showcase is a website that focuses on the most popular As Seen on TV products and they’ve written an extensive page about Wipe New.

On their “Wipe New Car Surface Restorer” page, the reviewers provide a clear description about Wipe New, they list many features of Wipe New, and they provide a long list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Wipe New car trim restorer.

Actual Wipe New customers also have an opportunity to discuss Wipe New. Here are some of the comments people have made about Wipe New and SeenTV Showcase:

“I tried many products in the past to the point I would consider myself an expert in car detailing and take pride in keeping my car clean. I thought the size of the wipe new bottle wouldn’t be enough to do much and wouldn’t last long but I was very wrong. I’ve applied wipe new to the trim, bumpers, mirrors and interior of my car and when I was done it looked brand new again.” – Chris P.

“I used Wipe New inside and outside of my car. This stuff is really amazing.” – Dale

“I was very impressed with the results from using Wipe New and how versatile it was on cleaning different surfaces.” – George

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12 Oct

Consumer Reports: Wipe New Stands Out Among the Rest

A 2014 article from Consumer Reports considers the “best exterior car trim cleaners” and Wipe New was included in their testing.

To test five car trim cleaners, Consumer Reports removed well-weathered trim pieces from the lower exterior of a 2001 Toyota Sienna minivan. They divided each panel into five sections and applied one product to each section, according to manufacturer instructions. The panels were put on racks on the roof of their test facility and allowed to weather for 10 weeks. After each week, technicians took the panels back into the lab. They were washed and dried again before being inspected and photographed.


What was their bottom line? 3 of the 5 tested products “made a big improvement at first, but after 10 weeks the effect had almost completely faded.” Wipe New “…really stood out” says the Consumer Reports article. “By far the easiest to use, Wipe New goes on as a thin, clear liquid with very good coverage. We found that only one pass was required for very good, even results.”

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08 Oct

Wipe New Professional Fleets – Preview

Next month, Wipe New will be unveiling a new professional product at SEMA that will fundamentally change the way that fleet vehicles are maintained.

#WipeNew Professional delivers reduced downtime, enhanced fleet appearance, and faster & easier vehicle cleaning with a simple wipe-on procedure.

Wipe New Professional Fleet

06 Oct

Wipe New Receives an “A+” Rating

wipe-new-review-graded-reviewsGraded Reviews is a website dedicated to providing product reviews for a wide array of products and they recently did a review of Wipe New.

Their Wipe New review begins by explaining what Wipe New is, listing some pros and cons, reviewing how the product works, and asking if Wipe New is “right for you.”

Graded Reviews concludes by giving Wipe New their highest score: an “A+” and say:

“If you find yourself wasting time each week trying to polish your vehicle into looking like new, this product is definitely a good fit for you. The price of Wipe New is less than most polishing kits and it is guaranteed to last a lot longer. This means you’ll have extra time and money to spend doing the things you want to do rather than buffing your car trying to achieve impossible perfection. Even if you’re not the type of person to detail and polish your car under normal circumstances, the fact that Wipe New goes on in just a few quick wipes and lasts for years should be enough to get you to try it out.”

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