06 Oct

Wipe New Receives an “A+” Rating

wipe-new-review-graded-reviewsGraded Reviews is a website dedicated to providing product reviews for a wide array of products and they recently did a review of Wipe New.

Their Wipe New review begins by explaining what Wipe New is, listing some pros and cons, reviewing how the product works, and asking if Wipe New is “right for you.”

Graded Reviews concludes by giving Wipe New their highest score: an “A+” and say:

“If you find yourself wasting time each week trying to polish your vehicle into looking like new, this product is definitely a good fit for you. The price of Wipe New is less than most polishing kits and it is guaranteed to last a lot longer. This means you’ll have extra time and money to spend doing the things you want to do rather than buffing your car trying to achieve impossible perfection. Even if you’re not the type of person to detail and polish your car under normal circumstances, the fact that Wipe New goes on in just a few quick wipes and lasts for years should be enough to get you to try it out.”

Read their full Wipe New review

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