25 Nov

Navy Admiral Considers Wipe New Marine

“I had Wipe New Marine treat my 20 year old boat two years ago” says David, a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral. “When they completed the initial treatment, the gel coat in the fiberglass was restored to a like new finish. The years of oxidation were gone.”


David went on to wonder if the Wipe New Marine treatment would last over time and he says he was “impressed” with the sustaining power of Wipe New Marine. “I use my boat in salt water” David says. “The only clean up I do now is a thorough rinse after each use. Salt and scum simply don’t adhere to the finish!”

“I have been so impressed with this product that I recently {treated} both my cars and my kayak” David reports. Wipe New is “well worth the investment. The initial treatment costs about what I have pay for a full detail in the past, but it appears it is going to last at least 5 years if not more.”

David concludes by calling Wipe New a “fantastic product” and one that can “protect your boat or car.” Learn more about Wipe New Marine.

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