21 Feb

Wipe New Receives Another “A” Rating

“If you have an older car, you may have headlights that are yellow and oxidized which don’t shine very bright” says NBC station KWWL in their “Does it Really Work?” report on Wipe New.  “That build up can pose a problem driving during the night…”


They decided to test Wipe New – and one competing product – with Jeff Jaeger, owner of Jaeger Auto Sales and he used both products on some used cars’ headlights.  “Jaeger said he found Wipe New to work the best on removing the oxidation,” reported KWWL.

“It seems to go on easier, the other product is like a paste and I don’t think it works as good,” Jaeger was quoted as saying.  KWWL decides to then test Wipe New for themselves and say “the product seemed to work pretty well. The product did what was claimed and removed some of the oxidation off the car lens…”

KWWL gave our Wipe New their “A” rating!  Read more about their Wipe New review

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