16 Feb

Wipe News Meets with Muscle Car Mag, LSX TV

LSX TV is proud to be “the Internet’s leading LS-powered muscle car enthusiast online publication,” and LSX TV reporter Michael Harding discusses his experiences with Wipe New during the 2014 SEMA show.

Harding joins many of us who recognize that many new cars are made with plastic components.  “If you’re living in the southwest region of the US,” Harding says, “then you know what the sun and heat can do to your vehicle.”  Harding goes on to says he was “skeptical” about Wipe New, but decided to visit our Wipe New booth at SEMA to learn more about our products. “We wanted to see results for ourselves,” he says.

Harding met with Wipe New owner, Floyd Kuriloff, and Wipe New vice president, Nick Naylor and discovered the results that come from our Wipe New products.  “[T]hey showed us everything from dash pads to wheels where the protectant was applied,” reports Harding.  “One of the more amazing displays was the alloy wheel that was treated with Wipe New on one half of the wheel, and then dipped into a salt water tank for a couple of days. The unprotected side showed the effects as the salt began to eat away at the finish, but the protected side of the wheel was undamaged by the salt water.”


“Unlike earlier products that were oil-based, Wipe New is a nano polymer sealant that works on all plastics and fiberglass finishes” Harding continues. “Independent lab tests have confirmed that the product really does work, and the 2 year guarantee assures us that the product is durable and protects your vehicle from the elements.”

Read more about Wipe New at SEMA and the LSX TV article about Wipe New

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