18 Mar

Wipe Your Truck New for Less Than a Tank of Fuel!

Your truck and fleet are a reflection of you and your company. How do you look? Now it is possible to restore the appearance of your trucks to like new condition and keep them that way for less than ever before! Wipe New Professional is a revolutionary wipe-on nano-polymer coating that will restore your trucks’ exterior surfaces to new condition, at a fraction of the time and cost of a repaint or buffing. There is no special equipment required or technique to master. Anyone that can wash a truck can now restore the finish to new for less than the cost of a tank of fuel, and return the vehicle to work in a day’s time. More importantly, the durability of our nano-polymer formula will keep the new look for years! Come experience this game changing product for yourself at the Mid America Trucking Show booth 70141 in the Pavilion. #WIPENEW

Wipe New Professional Booth70141

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