30 Apr

Wipe New Available in Trinidad and Tobago!

Wipe New is now available in Trinidad and Tobago!

Check out Tech-Motive Imports Limited for more information on where to purchase!


Wipe New is proud to provide the world’s longest lasting automotive appearance products. Our revolutionary nano-polymer formula is unique and proprietary–and fundamentally different from any of the silicon based dressings offered from competing brands. Launched in 2012 to tremendous success, Wipe New’s original formula provided consumers with the first true solution to restoring old faded vehicle surfaces and protecting them for years. We have since grown our brand to a whole lineup of unique and powerful products that perform in ways like nothing else on the market–our Headlight Restoration kit’s patented Wipe-It combines a simple application with Wipe New’s Guaranteed durability. Wipe New Wheels is the only consumer product for Wheels that provides powerful protection against road salt, grime and corrosion, and Wipe New Tires will keep your tires looking new for a full six months after one application!

Wipe New has an enthusiastic following among automotive forums, fleet managers and detailing professionals, and has won numerous comparison tests with consumer reporting agencies & traditional media outlets. Try one of our Wipe New products today and learn the difference for yourself!

07 Apr

Wipe New Rolls Canadian Style!

wipe-new-reviews-canadian-tireCanadian Tire is a popular Canadian retail company that began in the 1920s.  They sell products for the home, sports and leisure products, and – of course – a wide range of automotive products.

Wipe New customers have been offering their praises for Wipe New on the Canadian Tire website and have shared the following:

“Unbelievable” says one Wipe New customer from Vancouver, Wipe New “does what it promises!”

“Like everyone, I am always a skeptic with items from TV ads, but I thought I would try it,” begins a Wipe New customer from Peterborough.  This customer said he used Wipe New for “the black plastic trim on my 2002 Dakota, and it looks great, (deep black again). I also just purchased a used 2005 Yamaha Kodiak ATV. All of the plastic was a bit faded and dull in spots. I did the whole ATV with this stuff, and I wish I would have taken a before and after pic!! What a difference!”

“Impressive” declares a Wipe New customer from Brampton and “the results are fantastic” shares another from Cookstown.

Read all their Wipe New Reviews on Canadian Tire


02 Apr

Wipe New Now Available at TARGET!


We have another exciting annoucement to share with all of our Wipe New fans!!

You can now find the world’s strongest solutions for restoring and protecting weathered surfaces at your local Target!

Visit the automotive department in your Target store and pick up our original Wipe New, Wipe New Headlight Restore, Wipe New Tires, and Wipe New Wheels!