05 Aug

How-To Video: Use Wipe New Wheels to Coat Aftermarket Wheels


Wipe New Wheels Brake Dust Defender is the only consumer product to provide lasting & powerful protection against road salt, brake dust, grime and corrosion.

In this Wipe New Wheels video they demonstrate how to properly coat newly purchased aftermarket wheels with Wipe New Wheels. Chrome, Powder Coated and Aluminum finishes are covered. Coating your wheels with Wipe New Wheels will keep brake dust and caustic chemicals from damaging the surface, and since brake dust doesn’t adhere as well to a coated surface, it makes the cleaning process of your wheels so much easier. This Wipe New Wheels professional demonstration is a great guide for professional detailers and aftermarket wheel businesses, as well as people who like to do it yourself!

3 thoughts on “How-To Video: Use Wipe New Wheels to Coat Aftermarket Wheels

  1. Thanks for sharing this video. A protective coating of Wipe New Wheel on keeps brake dust and others from damaging your wheels. Nice post.

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