15 May

Wipe New and Personal Water Crafts!

There’s nothing better than Wipe New for restoring shine to your jetskis, seadoos, wave runners, and other personal water craft!

Check out this 1997 SeaDoo XP treated with Wipe New and learn more about Wipe New Marine – our Wipe New product made especially for marine surfaces.


Photo from http://www.pwctoday.com/showthread.php?t=419142

30 Apr

Wipe New Available in Trinidad and Tobago!

Wipe New is now available in Trinidad and Tobago!

Check out Tech-Motive Imports Limited for more information on where to purchase!


Wipe New is proud to provide the world’s longest lasting automotive appearance products. Our revolutionary nano-polymer formula is unique and proprietary–and fundamentally different from any of the silicon based dressings offered from competing brands. Launched in 2012 to tremendous success, Wipe New’s original formula provided consumers with the first true solution to restoring old faded vehicle surfaces and protecting them for years. We have since grown our brand to a whole lineup of unique and powerful products that perform in ways like nothing else on the market–our Headlight Restoration kit’s patented Wipe-It combines a simple application with Wipe New’s Guaranteed durability. Wipe New Wheels is the only consumer product for Wheels that provides powerful protection against road salt, grime and corrosion, and Wipe New Tires will keep your tires looking new for a full six months after one application!

Wipe New has an enthusiastic following among automotive forums, fleet managers and detailing professionals, and has won numerous comparison tests with consumer reporting agencies & traditional media outlets. Try one of our Wipe New products today and learn the difference for yourself!

02 Apr

Wipe New Now Available at TARGET!


We have another exciting annoucement to share with all of our Wipe New fans!!

You can now find the world’s strongest solutions for restoring and protecting weathered surfaces at your local Target!

Visit the automotive department in your Target store and pick up our original Wipe New, Wipe New Headlight Restore, Wipe New Tires, and Wipe New Wheels!



30 Mar

Wipe New and Spring Cleaning for Your Car: Part 2

Springtime is the perfect time for cleaning; not only your home, but your automobiles as well.  Wipe New encourages you to take the best care of your cars this Spring by following these steps in this two-part series (view our first part on Wipe New and Spring Cleaning for Your Car).

Clean the interior!  After cleaning the trash out of the car, and taking care of the car’s exterior, it’s time to take on the interior.  Start by scrubbing the carpets and power-washing floor mats.  Make sure they dry completely.  Clean the insides of your windows and vacuum thoroughly.  Then use our original Wipe New to restore showroom shine on interior parts!  Wipe New is safe and effective to use on plastic, rubber, chrome, vinyl, leather, acrylic, ceramic and metallic surfaces.  Use Wipe New on your dashboards, door panels, and leather or vinyl seats.


Check and replace your fluids! Winter weather can deplete some fluids.When the engine is cool, check your oil, coolant, transmission and brake fluids. And don’t forget to fill up your windshield washer fluid. 

Lube the hinges!  Apply white lithium grease to each door, trunk and hood hinge to help prevent squeaks and premature wear.

Clean your headlights!  Tired of those aging, foggy headlights?  Spring cleaning time is a great time to restore your headlights!  Wipe New’s proprietary formula delivers crystal clear headlights in seconds and Wipe New Headlight Restore guarantees that your headlights will pass inspection for the life of the vehicle!

Don’t forget your trunk!  Many people place bags of gravel, sand, or kitty litter and/or rock salt in their trunks over winter.  Doing so can sometimes help during slippery conditions and when you need to throw something under the tires to gain traction in the ice or snow. Come spring, it’s time to remove those heavy bags, improve your gas mileage, and simple free up space.

18 Mar

Wipe New and Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Wipe New knows that winter is often the harshest season for automobiles.  Salted roads, cold temperatures, ice, potholes, and even big temperature swing can be hard on your vehicles.  The coming of Spring doesn’t only mean “spring cleaning” in the home.  It means it’s time for spring cleaning your automobiles as well!  Wipe New encourages you to consider the following steps in a 2-part series on spring cleaning your car!

Clean out the trash!  Start your spring cleaning by removing all the junk you’ve been ignoring over those cold winter months.  Be thorough and make sure you check under the seats and in between seats. 

Tackle the exterior!  Wintertime driving often results in a coat of salt, sand, and grime on your car and all of those elements can cause corrosion which can lead to rust problems.  Continue your spring cleaning by giving your vehicle a good, exterior cleaning.  Make sure you’re cleaning the undercarriage, fenders, and bumpers.  After you clean your car get out some Wipe New to bring back the shine! Wipe New can restore the original sheen to faded exterior trim AND it protects most surfaces from sun exposure, water spots, tree sap, and other harsh elements.


Change your wiper blades!  Winter often takes a toll on wiper blades.  Prepare for those forthcoming spring and summer showers by replacing your wiper blades..

Check your tires!  Start by checking your tire pressure.  Cold weather causes tires to be underinflated.  When the warmer Spring weather arrives you may discover your tires are overinflated. Driving on properly inflated tires can save you money so be sure to check them. Then visually inspect your tires.  Make sure they’re wearing evenly and that you have plenty of tread on them.  Finally, give your tires and wheels the perfect shine by using our Wipe New Tires and Wipe New Wheels products.  Discover for yourself how Wipe New Tires is not only the best protection your tires ever had, it’s also the fastest!  Just wipe it on and let it dry.  Wipe New Wheels is the perfect complement to Wipe New Tires.  One application will restore luster and protect your wheels for years of easy cleaning!

Inspect your ventilation system!  Be sure your air conditioner working by turning it on to its’ highest setting and ensuring that it reaches a cool temperature in a reasonable amount of time.  Schedule maintenance if need be. Also be sure to replace your cabin’s air filter.  This filter keeps pollen and dirt from entering the ventilation system.

28 Feb

Wipe New Headlight Restore Instructional Manual


Have you misplaced your instructions for your Wipe New Headlight Restore?  No problem.  We got you covered!  Visit our online version of the Wipe New Headlight Restore Instructions to review some important notes about Wipe New, Wipe New application instructions, some Wipe New Headlight Restore FAQs, and warranty information.


16 Feb

Wipe News Meets with Muscle Car Mag, LSX TV

LSX TV is proud to be “the Internet’s leading LS-powered muscle car enthusiast online publication,” and LSX TV reporter Michael Harding discusses his experiences with Wipe New during the 2014 SEMA show.

Harding joins many of us who recognize that many new cars are made with plastic components.  “If you’re living in the southwest region of the US,” Harding says, “then you know what the sun and heat can do to your vehicle.”  Harding goes on to says he was “skeptical” about Wipe New, but decided to visit our Wipe New booth at SEMA to learn more about our products. “We wanted to see results for ourselves,” he says.

Harding met with Wipe New owner, Floyd Kuriloff, and Wipe New vice president, Nick Naylor and discovered the results that come from our Wipe New products.  “[T]hey showed us everything from dash pads to wheels where the protectant was applied,” reports Harding.  “One of the more amazing displays was the alloy wheel that was treated with Wipe New on one half of the wheel, and then dipped into a salt water tank for a couple of days. The unprotected side showed the effects as the salt began to eat away at the finish, but the protected side of the wheel was undamaged by the salt water.”


“Unlike earlier products that were oil-based, Wipe New is a nano polymer sealant that works on all plastics and fiberglass finishes” Harding continues. “Independent lab tests have confirmed that the product really does work, and the 2 year guarantee assures us that the product is durable and protects your vehicle from the elements.”

Read more about Wipe New at SEMA and the LSX TV article about Wipe New

02 Feb

Some More Winter Driving Tips from Wipe New

  • Have you considered keeping a winter emergency kit in your vehicle? A few key items can keep you safe in cases of emergency!
  • It’s very important for headlights to clear during snowy weather. Use Wipe New Headlight Restore to get the most from your headlights.
  • If you get stuck in the snow, tie something brightly colored to your antenna. This makes it easier to find you!
  • Reminder! If you begin to slide on the road, always keep your eyes and steering wheel in the direction you want to be going… this will help lead to safety.