11 Mar

Car Repairs That You Should Never Do Yourself

Women repairing car herself

Going to the mechanic can be costly, especially when you aren’t financially prepared for the fix that your vehicle needs. With technology constantly improving, it can be easy to find a how-to video online that shows you exactly how to take apart your car and put it back together. While making the repairs yourself may save you a pretty penny, there are some repairs you should never do yourself.

Transmission Repair or Maintenance

Today’s transmissions are finely tuned with thousands of small parts that all go in specific places. It is best to have these types of repairs completed at the auto shop by a mechanic that specializes in the repairs of transmissions, just to be sure that it is done correctly. A transmission can easily stop functioning if not repaired properly, which will cost you more money in the end than the repair initially would have.

Suspension Work

After a few years on the road, your vehicle may need some suspension work done whether it be on the struts, shocks, arms, or bushings. The repairs on these types of parts may seem simple at first glance, but they involve the use of specialized equipment for the repair to be done properly and safely. Coil springs and struts are under powerful tension and compressed force, which means one mistake could have you paying for hospital bills that would cost more than the repair.

Timing Belt Replacement

This is a normal maintenance that is not a cheap maintenance, however, trying to complete the repair on your own could have a disastrous outcome. A bad replacement job on this important piece of your vehicle could easily destroy the entire engine considering the repair involves taking the engine apart.

Doing a repair on your own may seem to be the easy way out financially, but the cost if it going wrong could really put you under. One repair you can do at home to keep you and others safe on the road is using the WipeNew Headlight Restore to restore your headlights, making them brighter for you to see and for others to see you. Keeping an emergency savings for occasions when these repairs need to be done is your best bet to keep your car in the best condition.

Read real Wipe New reviews to see why Wipe New is the world’s best solution for restoring and protecting weathered surfaces.


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11 Jun

Catch Some Waves with Your Wipe New Treated Surfboard

Did you know you can renew your old, beaten up surfboards with Wipe New?


Check out this great Wipe New video review from Australia-based Juice Polishes as they demonstrate the power of Wipe New to restore their surf board.

“This looks AMAZING…” they declare.  “Unbelievable!”

Please note that the $39.95 reference stated in this video is in Australian dollars.  Wipe New can be purchased in the US for only $14.99 on the official Wipe New website or from Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon.com, and many other fine retailers

15 May

Wipe New and Personal Water Crafts!

There’s nothing better than Wipe New for restoring shine to your jetskis, seadoos, wave runners, and other personal water craft!

Check out this 1997 SeaDoo XP treated with Wipe New and learn more about Wipe New Marine – our Wipe New product made especially for marine surfaces.


Photo from http://www.pwctoday.com/showthread.php?t=419142

17 Mar

All Aboard with Wipe New!

Ken Grant started Midway Auto Sales in 1997 with 7 cars for sale. Midway Auto Sales has since grown to include (3) locations in Lovell, Cody and Worland (Wyoming). In 2007 Midway also began to sell boats and by 2012 Midway was selling hundreds of boats per year. Midway is one of the few dealerships that delivers boats and RV’s to all locations around the U.S and in Canada.


Grant recently decided to try Wipe New on a 2005 Glastron GX235 boat and he was extremely pleased with Wipe New.

“This boat was incredibly faded and the gel coat was very deteriorated. We wet sanded and then compounded the boat with an aggressive compound, so the surface had a slight shine to it but still had micro scratches for the wipe new to adhere to. This is the same compound used in body shops for blending panels, so we know it produces small scratches for paint to adhere. We did the top of the boat above the rub rail and also the red portion under the rub rail. We used about 1/10th of the qt bottle. [The] boat turned out fantastic, we are excited about Wipe New. We will never use ‘Wax’ again.”

Check out the video of the Glastron he treated with Wipe New.

Wipe New Marine takes many of the same principles that have made our nano-polymer line of automotive products so successful, and adapts them to perform best in a Marine environment. Wipe New Marine restores faded fiberglass and gel coated surfaces to brand new condition and keeps them that way, with a simple, wipe-on application. After coating your boat with Wipe New Marine, you’ll never have to wax, buff, or polish your boat again to bring that surface back to new condition.  Learn more about Wipe New Marine.


18 Jan

Power Automedia Discover Wipe New Products at SEMA

Power Automedia host, Joe Castello, met with Wipe New vice president Nick Naylor during the recent SEMA show to congratulate us on our (3) SEMA Global Media Awards wins and to learn more about our Wipe New products.

“I’ve seen the commercials” Castello says about Wipe New Headlight Restore.  “It’s very cool!  It’s such hard work to keep them clear.  You guys have solved that problem.”

Nick reminds Castello that our Wipe New Headlight Restore is one of our hottest products and that is available in many retail stores.  “We have a sealant that is the most durable sealant on the market,” Nick says “and we got a simple, easy-to-use kit.”

Nick goes on to outline just how simple and easy it is to use Wipe New Headlight Restore and he then explains how the Wipe New products line can be used for a variety of different surfaces including plastics, metal, leather, fiberglass, vinyl and more.

“That’s really cool” declares Castello.  “You have products for the interior and exterior of the car!”

Nick also discusses the launch of our new Wipe New Professional Fleets line and Wipe New Professional Marine line.

Watch the full Wipe New interview with Power Automedia below:


04 Dec

Wipe New Professional Marine Line

Wipe New unveiled new Wipe New professional products at the 2014 SEMA Show. These Wipe New products will fundamentally change the way that fleet and marine vehicles are maintained. The first professional Wipe New product line is called Wipe New Professional Fleets and the second is the Wipe New Professional Marine line.


Wipe New Marine lets you restore fiberglass and gel coated surfaces in less time s and with a simple wipe on application. Wipe New Marine requires no waxing or buffing, it reduces maintenance on your marine vehicles and it provides lasting results.

Wipe New Marine Metals renews and restores metal fixtures and trim pieces, ski and wakeboard towers, railings and more. It protects against corrosion, hard and salt water, and weathering.

Wipe New Marine Upholstery keeps vinyl surfaces soft and pliable. It renews and restores upholstery, navigational devices, and console dashes. It protects against fading, cracking, hard and salt water, and weathering.

25 Nov

Navy Admiral Considers Wipe New Marine

“I had Wipe New Marine treat my 20 year old boat two years ago” says David, a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral. “When they completed the initial treatment, the gel coat in the fiberglass was restored to a like new finish. The years of oxidation were gone.”


David went on to wonder if the Wipe New Marine treatment would last over time and he says he was “impressed” with the sustaining power of Wipe New Marine. “I use my boat in salt water” David says. “The only clean up I do now is a thorough rinse after each use. Salt and scum simply don’t adhere to the finish!”

“I have been so impressed with this product that I recently {treated} both my cars and my kayak” David reports. Wipe New is “well worth the investment. The initial treatment costs about what I have pay for a full detail in the past, but it appears it is going to last at least 5 years if not more.”

David concludes by calling Wipe New a “fantastic product” and one that can “protect your boat or car.” Learn more about Wipe New Marine.