30 Sep

ABC Station Asks: Does Wipe New Work?

ABC station, KGUN, of Tuscan, AZ recently began a new product testing segment “Does it Work” for their “Good Morning Tucson” show and KGUN viewers asked them review Wipe New.


“KGUN9 asked you, our viewers, to email us products you’d like us to try before you buy” says April Madison. “An item you suggested — the ‘Wipe New’ promises to make certain surfaces of your vehicle look new again.”

They decided to take Wipe New to a junk yard to do some testing and they used Wipe New on two different automobiles. “We tested the Wipe New on headlights, an outer tire fender and an inside door pane. All surfaces we tested looked new after just one wipe” reports April.

April gave the product a thumbs up. “Wipe New definitely got the job done.”

Read their full Wipe New review

26 Aug

ABC Station Reviews Wipe New

ABC station, WVEC of Norfolk VA, reviewed Wipe New for their “Does it Work?” series and they asked Norfolk resident, Jim Pitchford, to assist them with the review.

Jim begins his Wipe New review by discussing the emotional bond he has with this SUV and he tells viewers how his one child was actually born in the vehicle. “I would love to keep this car forever,” Jim says.


Jim then decides to test Wipe New on an area of his SUV that has caused him problems in the past, his headlights. “That was pretty easy,” Jim says. “The first time you wipe with the Wipe New across the lense….just watch it clean like new…..that’s amazing!”

Jim goes on to use Wipe New on other parts of his car and offers his final thoughts. “Wipe New works,” he declares. “I think it’s a winner. It’s a good product!”

Watch WVEC’s review of Wipe New