29 Aug

Save Time and Money with Wipe New

In her review of Wipe New for ShopperTested, Jen Hughes begins by saying she grew up around cars. “Growing up in Indianapolis, going to the Indy 500 every Memorial Day weekend was a tradition in my family. Our dad is a mechanic and swore he was going to keep the legacy alive despite having two daughters….And, now that I’m an adult living on my own, I enjoy using that knowledge because I can fix pretty much any car problem myself.”


Jen also cares about regular upkeep for her car and stated that her father “recommended Wipe New for my car care….” She goes to point out that Wipe New should not be used on glass surfaces but is “safe and effective on a variety of other surfaces such as rubber, chrome, plastic, leather, vinyl, metallic, and acrylic surfaces.”

“This stuff works great on bumpers and flares. The car looks brand new,” Jen concludes. “Wipe New saves so much money and time because it restores and protects with one swipe….”

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