06 Jul

Wipe New: The Smart Choice!

Review site, cleverly named You’re Not Stupid, decided to give our Wipe New a try and the reviewers we’re glad they gave Wipe New their consideration! “Unfortunately, living in the Midwest means that they get a lot of abuse what with hot sun in the summer time, and rain, sleet and snow come winter and spring,” they begin their Wipe New review.  Then a friend told them about his successes with Wipe New and how long it has lasted. “It sounded too good to be true, but our friend wouldn’t lie to us,” they continue, “so we decided to do some research and try Wipe New out.” They use Wipe New on their truck and report they were “glad we gave it a shot, it really does work as advertised….” Here is a before and after shot of Wipe New used on their truck. wipe-new-review-youre-not-stupid-02 “If you care about how your car looks, buying Wipe New is a great idea,” they say in their Final Recommendation.  “With just a small investment of time and money, you can keep your car looking great for as long as 2 years….” Read their full Wipe New review

30 Jun

Wipe New Product Review: An Expert Opinion

Ivan Rajic, a car detailing specialist, recently tried out Wipe New on his Toyota Matrix, and he wrote about his experiences on his store’s website.

He started his review by going over everything that came in the box with his Wipe New kit. He went on to explain that his car did not really need to product, but he was still going to give it a try saying: “The trim isn’t faded much at all, so I simply applied it to the driver side to see how long it lasts, how it reacts with water, etc.”


He then started the application process.  “The application was fairly straightforward,” says Rajic. He continued by going through each step of the process, and provided pictures as he went along. He noted that he did not cover every inch of surface, stating “I intentionally missed some of the edges so as to see how it wears and how the treated vs untreated areas look after a while…”

Ivan’s overall opinion of Wipe New?  “So what did I get from all this?  Does it really work?…I have to say yes.  It does exactly what it sets out to do…renews the surface to which it’s applied, protects it and should last a good few months if not more….”

Read more about Ivan’s full Wipe New review!

07 Apr

Wipe New Rolls Canadian Style!

wipe-new-reviews-canadian-tireCanadian Tire is a popular Canadian retail company that began in the 1920s.  They sell products for the home, sports and leisure products, and – of course – a wide range of automotive products.

Wipe New customers have been offering their praises for Wipe New on the Canadian Tire website and have shared the following:

“Unbelievable” says one Wipe New customer from Vancouver, Wipe New “does what it promises!”

“Like everyone, I am always a skeptic with items from TV ads, but I thought I would try it,” begins a Wipe New customer from Peterborough.  This customer said he used Wipe New for “the black plastic trim on my 2002 Dakota, and it looks great, (deep black again). I also just purchased a used 2005 Yamaha Kodiak ATV. All of the plastic was a bit faded and dull in spots. I did the whole ATV with this stuff, and I wish I would have taken a before and after pic!! What a difference!”

“Impressive” declares a Wipe New customer from Brampton and “the results are fantastic” shares another from Cookstown.

Read all their Wipe New Reviews on Canadian Tire


12 Oct

Consumer Reports: Wipe New Stands Out Among the Rest

A 2014 article from Consumer Reports considers the “best exterior car trim cleaners” and Wipe New was included in their testing.

To test five car trim cleaners, Consumer Reports removed well-weathered trim pieces from the lower exterior of a 2001 Toyota Sienna minivan. They divided each panel into five sections and applied one product to each section, according to manufacturer instructions. The panels were put on racks on the roof of their test facility and allowed to weather for 10 weeks. After each week, technicians took the panels back into the lab. They were washed and dried again before being inspected and photographed.


What was their bottom line? 3 of the 5 tested products “made a big improvement at first, but after 10 weeks the effect had almost completely faded.” Wipe New “…really stood out” says the Consumer Reports article. “By far the easiest to use, Wipe New goes on as a thin, clear liquid with very good coverage. We found that only one pass was required for very good, even results.”

Read the full Wipe New review from Consumer Reports

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24 Sep

Wipe New Makes a Big Difference

Kirk Yuhnke – of KDVR (Denver, CO) – recently reviewed Wipe New for his “Kirk, Does It Work” series and he asks one local auto dealership to help him with the Wipe New review.

“300 days of sunshine! We love our sunny state but it can wreak havoc on our cars. It can destroy the dashboard, the bumpers and other plastics” Yuhnke begins “Wipe New claims to fix that. Making your car look like new.”


Kirk decides to test Wipe New by visiting car dealership, Mazda of Lakewood, who accepts a lot of trade-in cars as they do business. Kirk looks for the most “faded plastic and rubber in their lot” and they put Wipe New to the test.

They treated various parts of the car including the back molding, interior plastic and a front grill. “It was immediately clear that Wipe New was making a big difference” says Kirk.

Mazda of Lakewood representative, Ricky, cautions that a lot of car trim restorers look good at the beginning but fade away in less than a week. “Time will tell.” Kirk follows up with Ricky a week later and reports that he “is pretty impressed” with how Wipe New works and is keeping its’ shine.

Watch the full Wipe New on KDVR

19 Aug

The Innovative Wipe New

“Even though there are many different products on the market today, some will naturally stand out over others in the same industry” says Tom Pisarski of Artswire.org. “One of which joins the ranks of the most innovative and coveted is a relatively new product that’s called Wipe New.”


In his review Pisarski highlights a number of advantages that come from using Wipe New.

#1 – Goes on In Minutes
“One of the biggest advantages to using this product is the application part because it goes on in less than a minute. In fact, the reason why it is called Wipe New is because all the person has to do is wipe the area and it begins to look brand new immediately.”

#2 – The Brand New Look Lasts forever
“[P]eople will not have to apply [Wipe New] again once a week, once a month or even once a year. Once complete, all the person has to do is drive. It has also been proven to last through hundreds of car washes and the renovated areas still look the same.”

#3 – Two year Guarantee
“A two year guarantee is also included with this product. Which means, the person can get their money back, even after 2 years if they are not satisfied.”

Read Pisarski’s full review of Wipe New