30 Jun

Wipe New Product Review: An Expert Opinion

Ivan Rajic, a car detailing specialist, recently tried out Wipe New on his Toyota Matrix, and he wrote about his experiences on his store’s website.

He started his review by going over everything that came in the box with his Wipe New kit. He went on to explain that his car did not really need to product, but he was still going to give it a try saying: “The trim isn’t faded much at all, so I simply applied it to the driver side to see how long it lasts, how it reacts with water, etc.”


He then started the application process.  “The application was fairly straightforward,” says Rajic. He continued by going through each step of the process, and provided pictures as he went along. He noted that he did not cover every inch of surface, stating “I intentionally missed some of the edges so as to see how it wears and how the treated vs untreated areas look after a while…”

Ivan’s overall opinion of Wipe New?  “So what did I get from all this?  Does it really work?…I have to say yes.  It does exactly what it sets out to do…renews the surface to which it’s applied, protects it and should last a good few months if not more….”

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21 Feb

Wipe New Receives Another “A” Rating

“If you have an older car, you may have headlights that are yellow and oxidized which don’t shine very bright” says NBC station KWWL in their “Does it Really Work?” report on Wipe New.  “That build up can pose a problem driving during the night…”


They decided to test Wipe New – and one competing product – with Jeff Jaeger, owner of Jaeger Auto Sales and he used both products on some used cars’ headlights.  “Jaeger said he found Wipe New to work the best on removing the oxidation,” reported KWWL.

“It seems to go on easier, the other product is like a paste and I don’t think it works as good,” Jaeger was quoted as saying.  KWWL decides to then test Wipe New for themselves and say “the product seemed to work pretty well. The product did what was claimed and removed some of the oxidation off the car lens…”

KWWL gave our Wipe New their “A” rating!  Read more about their Wipe New review

11 Jan

Wipe New Gets the Green Light!

“Overtime the sun is going to zap the shine and luster right out of your car.” says WBRZ anchor Whitney Vann. “Even before the paint fades spots like the bumpers, mirrors and trims show the first signs of aging” adds fellow anchor John Pastorek. Vann and Pastorek decide to take Wipe New to June (from of Baton Rouge’s auto body shop, United Collision Center) to see if Wipe New really works.


June uses painter’s tape to divide the front bumper, a sideview mirror and a door handle in half. June then applies Wipe New on the car, but on each half of each of these three items. She remarks that she was only using about one cap’s worth of Wipe New and, after pulling off the tape to compare the two sides of the bumper, June exclaims “Wow. You can actually tell the difference!”

“It looks pretty good” June replies when asked if she thought Wipe New worked. Vann and Pastorek gave Wipe New their most positive, “green light” rating!

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04 Nov

Wipe New Tires Receives Thumbs Up Rating

Kurt Aaron, of ABC station WNEP 16 (Scranton, PA) recently reviewed Wipe New Tires for his “Does it Really Work?” series and he was pleased with the results.

“Cleaning your car and not your tires is like wearing your suit with sneakers” Aaron begins the segment “so where going to talk about Wipe New.” Aaron then decides to visit Classic Car Wash in Clarks, Summit PA to put Wipe New Tires to the test.

wipe-new-tires-review-WNEPManager Brian Hering say the clean hundreds of cars a week including tires. Aaron and his friends at Classic Car Wash decide to compare (3) tires on the WNEP van. One tire is left untreated, one receives a standard tire cleaner used by the car wash, and the last tire is applied with Wipe New Tires. After allowing the sufficient time to dry the WNEP van is then repeatedly run through the car wash.

What were the results? “The tire with Wipe New looks pretty good. The other two didn’t hold up” reports Aaron.

“I’m impressed” responds Hering who gave Wipe New Tires two thumbs up.

Watch the full Wipe New Tires review from WNEP

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