11 Nov

Save Time with Wipe New

“Tired of your vehicle looking faded and dull?” asks anchorwoman Corie Ventura from NBC station WREG (Memphis, TN). “Wipe New claims to protect and restore your vehicle plus give it a showroom shine, but does it work?”

Ventura meets with Charles Sweeny – equipment manager and travel coordinator for the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team – and Sweeney explains how his hectic schedule affects how and when he can care for his car. “Charles hopes Wipe New lives up to its claim of wiping once….”


They started by using Wipe New on the bumper and only applied the treatment to the right side of so they could see a difference. They then move on by applying Wipe New to sun damaged side mirror and then in the interior of the car including the dash.

After a week they checked back in to see how Wipe New stood the test of time. “You could tell a difference between the treated area and the side of the bumper we left untouched” reported Ventura. “The interior kept its gloss, and the side mirror looked new.”

“Wipe New, you passed the ‘Does It Work?’ test” she declares.

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30 Sep

ABC Station Asks: Does Wipe New Work?

ABC station, KGUN, of Tuscan, AZ recently began a new product testing segment “Does it Work” for their “Good Morning Tucson” show and KGUN viewers asked them review Wipe New.


“KGUN9 asked you, our viewers, to email us products you’d like us to try before you buy” says April Madison. “An item you suggested — the ‘Wipe New’ promises to make certain surfaces of your vehicle look new again.”

They decided to take Wipe New to a junk yard to do some testing and they used Wipe New on two different automobiles. “We tested the Wipe New on headlights, an outer tire fender and an inside door pane. All surfaces we tested looked new after just one wipe” reports April.

April gave the product a thumbs up. “Wipe New definitely got the job done.”

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