01 Sep

Fox Station Declares Wipe New a Deal!


FOX 4 station, KDFW of Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, reviewed Wipe New for their “Deal or Dud” series and declare it a “Deal!”

Local resident, Hal Jefffords, called KDFW and asked consumer reporter, Steve Noviello, to review Wipe New on his 2005 Land Rover. “All the plastic parts are really getting old and grey looking,” says Jefffords, “I just want to get those new looking if possible.”

“It’s a huge difference” Jeffords says after using Wipe New on his Land Rover. “It looks like it did when I first got it.”

“Impressive” declares Noviello.

KDFW then asks Jeffords to run his car through a car wash 25 times to see if Wipe New stands up. “It still looks great” says Jeffords, “I think it’s a Deal!”

Watch the Wipe New review on KDFW