21 Oct

Subaru Enthusiasts Consider Wipe New

NASIOC is “the world’s largest online community for Subaru enthusiasts” and one NASIOC online moderator, “Big Ron,” recently discussed his first-time experience using Wipe New Tires.

Ron discovered Wipe New Tires at his local Walmart and decided to give it a try. He shared how he followed Wipe New directions by first cleaning the tire. He was also sure to apply Wipe New Tires on the entire tire surface and used more than one coat.


Ron then shared multiple pictures of his results with Wipe New as he declares how he was “impressed” with the initial results. Ron was also impressed with the ability of Wipe New Tires to maintain a shine. Wipe New Tires is “a step or two above say 303 which is infamous for low gloss when used on tires” Ron concludes.

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