17 Dec

NBC Station Discovers How Wipe New Stands the Test of Time

NBC station, WAVE 3 (Louisville, KY), reviewed Wipe New earlier this year for their “Try It Before You Buy It” series. Reporter, Chris McGill, began by applying Wipe New across his door trim of his truck. “It immediately brought out the brightness of the trim I remember seeing when the truck was brand new” says McGill. He then applied Wipe New to his dash and says “…it brought back the luster of the original finish!”

Within a couple of weeks he also applied Wipe New to his truck’s wheel wells and side view mirrors. “It appeared to do a great job initially at bringing back the luster and shine…” says McGill.


But did Wipe New “stand the test of time?” McGill expected his truck two months later. He first expected the exterior. “…After two months, it still did hold onto that newer look” McGill notes. He was also pleased with the last long shine on the exterior items he treated with Wipe New. “Two months later, the inside dash and door trim still look pretty good!”

“Overall, I think the ‘Wipe New’ does a good job” McGill declares.

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