11 Jan

Wipe New Gets the Green Light!

“Overtime the sun is going to zap the shine and luster right out of your car.” says WBRZ anchor Whitney Vann. “Even before the paint fades spots like the bumpers, mirrors and trims show the first signs of aging” adds fellow anchor John Pastorek. Vann and Pastorek decide to take Wipe New to June (from of Baton Rouge’s auto body shop, United Collision Center) to see if Wipe New really works.


June uses painter’s tape to divide the front bumper, a sideview mirror and a door handle in half. June then applies Wipe New on the car, but on each half of each of these three items. She remarks that she was only using about one cap’s worth of Wipe New and, after pulling off the tape to compare the two sides of the bumper, June exclaims “Wow. You can actually tell the difference!”

“It looks pretty good” June replies when asked if she thought Wipe New worked. Vann and Pastorek gave Wipe New their most positive, “green light” rating!

Watch WBRZ’s full Wipe New review