17 Nov

Wipe New Earns Three Prestigious Global Media Awards at SEMA 2014

Virginia Beach, VA – Wipe New, LLC, the company responsible for the fastest growing brand in automotive appearance in recent years, was awarded three 2014 Global Media Awards during its first appearance at SEMA. After review of nearly 2,000 new products featured at SEMA this year, an esteemed panel of highly respected international judges, representing some of the industry’s top magazines and editors in the world, recognized innovative products Wipe New Headlight Restore and Wipe New Wheels as new products most likely to succeed commercially in their respective countries.

wipe-new-sema-global-media-awards-2014Judges Daniel Garcia Solis of V8 Musclecars (Mexico) and Carmen Baumann-Matthews of Superfly (United Kingdom) each selected Wipe New Wheels as a product that would be of most interest to their publications’ readers; a sentiment echoed by Judge Baptiste Guillevic of AutoBahn (France) who chose Wipe New Headlight Restore. Tony Matthews of Superfly commented, “the reason we picked your product is at the end of the day we try to find something that really stands out from the usual products. We see a lot of products which are great, but what happens is they’re just another application so we try to find something that really stands out, that’s fresh for the year, so well done.”

Wipe New’s inaugural appearance at SEMA was an unequivocal success. Featuring interactive displays where touching was promoted, the Wipe New booth at SEMA 2014 garnered a great deal of attention. From show opening on Tuesday morning through the closing announcement on Friday afternoon, the Wipe New booth stayed full with well-wishers who stopped by to share their Wipe New success stories, and industry professionals interested in using, reselling and/or distributing the pioneering line of Wipe New appearance products in their businesses. Co-owner, Floyd Kuriloff, stated, “not knowing exactly what to expect, we initially thought that we would only need a couple of people in our booth at any given time. We were ecstatic to be proven wrong! Everyone we brought to Vegas with us was busy working in our booth the entire time the show was open. By the end of the day, our staff members were both excited and exhausted. We are completely thrilled by the turnout and truly appreciate the overwhelming support from both the SEMA community and the Global Media judges. We can’t wait for next year’s show”

Wipe New was presented with the coveted Global Media Awards at a ceremony held November 5, 2014, in Las Vegas, Nevada.