24 Jun

Wipe New Home & Outdoors: The Perfect Way to Restore Items at Home!

Wipe New Home and Outdoors was reviewed by TV Stuff Online who provides considerable information about this Wipe New surface restorer.

They begin by exploring a number of Wipe New Home and Outdoors features including:

  • Needs only one application
  • Wipe is pre-soaked and can be applied to most outdoor structures and fixtures
  • Wipe New Home and Outdoors wipes away years of sun-fading and leaves a protective finish that will last for years
  • Also protects from oxidation, fading, and water damage
  • Wipe New Home and Outdoors contains a proprietary nano-polymer formula that penetrates deep


They go on to explore the multiple ways you can use Wipe New Home and Outdoors including table tops, grills, metal railings, garden fixtures and accessories, signs, hot tubs, window trim, patio furniture, shutters and sidings, mailboxes, and lighting fixtures.

With Wipe New Home and Outdoors you “are able to restore and protect outdoor fixtures with just one single wipe,” they declare.

Read the full Wipe New Home and Outdoors review from TV Stuff Online and learn more about Wipe New Home and Outdoors.


16 Jun

Discovering the Power of Wipe New Professional Fleets

Jesse P. is a proud transport owner/operator who recently shared his experiences using Wipe New Professional: Fleets with us. Jesse learned about Wipe New Professional: Fleets while visiting our Wipe New booth during the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show (#MATS).

Wipe New Professional: Fleets is one of our latest products from the award-wining Wipe New brand.  The incredible results that Jesse witnessed at the show convinced him to try Wipe New Professional for himself.

Check out the professional looking finish in the before/after shots Jesse provided!  His rig is looking better than new!




















Jesse also reports that he has received several compliments from fellow drivers.  They love how good his Wipe New-treated truck looks and Jesse enjoys telling folks that he hasn’t washed his truck in weeks!

Jesse is also delighted that he sees no sign of rock chips on his bumper since applying Wipe New.  The bugs are also not sticking to his Wipe New-treated surfaces.  Another definite plus!

Thanks for sharing your Wipe New Professional story with us Jesse!  Safe travels!

Learn more about Wipe New Professional Fleets and discover Wipe New’s power to restore for yourself!

11 Jun

Catch Some Waves with Your Wipe New Treated Surfboard

Did you know you can renew your old, beaten up surfboards with Wipe New?


Check out this great Wipe New video review from Australia-based Juice Polishes as they demonstrate the power of Wipe New to restore their surf board.

“This looks AMAZING…” they declare.  “Unbelievable!”

Please note that the $39.95 reference stated in this video is in Australian dollars.  Wipe New can be purchased in the US for only $14.99 on the official Wipe New website or from Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon.com, and many other fine retailers

25 May

TV Stuff Reviews Explores Wipe New Home & Outdoor

Wipe New Home and Outdoor

Wipe New Home and Outdoor Our friends at TV Stuff Reviews recently reviewed Wipe New Home and Outdoors and they declared it as “something every homeowner should have…!” Wipe New Home and Outdoor will “…keep the structures and fixtures in their yard looking like the day they were bought off the market,” notes the review:  Wipe New Home & Outdoor “works so quickly that users will be astonished at the quick results. One wipe is all it takes and the structure will be both restored and protected against future dirtying. Wipe New is an amazing value for what it can do. It can work on so many outdoor materials and items, and applies a beautiful shine that will last for years.” TV Stuff Reviews also lists a number of benefits that come from Wipe New Home & Outdoor including:

  • Restores as well as protects
  • Easy to use, just requires one quick wipe and the job is done
  • Perfect for multiple outdoor fixtures and restoring and protecting numerous outdoor materials
  • Keeps furnishings protected for years on end
  • Perfect addition for any homeowner to have
  • Amazing value for everything that it has to offer
  • Low-cost alternative to replacing faded items or painting over them

Read the full Wipe New Home & Outdoor review on TV Stuff Reviews and learn more about Wipe New by watching the video below:

17 Mar

All Aboard with Wipe New!

Ken Grant started Midway Auto Sales in 1997 with 7 cars for sale. Midway Auto Sales has since grown to include (3) locations in Lovell, Cody and Worland (Wyoming). In 2007 Midway also began to sell boats and by 2012 Midway was selling hundreds of boats per year. Midway is one of the few dealerships that delivers boats and RV’s to all locations around the U.S and in Canada.


Grant recently decided to try Wipe New on a 2005 Glastron GX235 boat and he was extremely pleased with Wipe New.

“This boat was incredibly faded and the gel coat was very deteriorated. We wet sanded and then compounded the boat with an aggressive compound, so the surface had a slight shine to it but still had micro scratches for the wipe new to adhere to. This is the same compound used in body shops for blending panels, so we know it produces small scratches for paint to adhere. We did the top of the boat above the rub rail and also the red portion under the rub rail. We used about 1/10th of the qt bottle. [The] boat turned out fantastic, we are excited about Wipe New. We will never use ‘Wax’ again.”

Check out the video of the Glastron he treated with Wipe New.

Wipe New Marine takes many of the same principles that have made our nano-polymer line of automotive products so successful, and adapts them to perform best in a Marine environment. Wipe New Marine restores faded fiberglass and gel coated surfaces to brand new condition and keeps them that way, with a simple, wipe-on application. After coating your boat with Wipe New Marine, you’ll never have to wax, buff, or polish your boat again to bring that surface back to new condition.  Learn more about Wipe New Marine.


13 Mar

Amazon Reviewer Declares: Wipe New Headlight Restore is Amazing!

Amazon reviewer, Kevin B. Kelly, recently shared his opinions about Wipe New Headlight Restore with fellow Amazon customers.  Kelly begins by saying he has tried multiple products over the years and has even paid folks to try and restore his headlights.  He then decided to try Wipe New Headlight on his S55 AMG Mercedes and he was ecstatic about the results.


“[N]o one gets even close to the fabulous job this product did on my lights,” says Kelly.  “I would seriously endorse this product for the company if they asked.”

Kelly notes that it’s important to follow the Wipe New Headlight Restore instructions and says that using Wipe New properly will provide results that are “fabulous” and “amazing!”

Read the full Wipe New Headlight Restore review on Amazon


21 Feb

Wipe New Receives Another “A” Rating

“If you have an older car, you may have headlights that are yellow and oxidized which don’t shine very bright” says NBC station KWWL in their “Does it Really Work?” report on Wipe New.  “That build up can pose a problem driving during the night…”


They decided to test Wipe New – and one competing product – with Jeff Jaeger, owner of Jaeger Auto Sales and he used both products on some used cars’ headlights.  “Jaeger said he found Wipe New to work the best on removing the oxidation,” reported KWWL.

“It seems to go on easier, the other product is like a paste and I don’t think it works as good,” Jaeger was quoted as saying.  KWWL decides to then test Wipe New for themselves and say “the product seemed to work pretty well. The product did what was claimed and removed some of the oxidation off the car lens…”

KWWL gave our Wipe New their “A” rating!  Read more about their Wipe New review

08 Feb

Wipe New Headlight Restore: Bright Idea and Real Buy!

Wipe New was recently tried by the folks at WHP CBS 21 (Harrisburg, PA) for their “Buy or Bust” series and WHP reporter, Donna Kirker Morgan, took Wipe New Headlight Restore to Jerry Leahy (of Leahy Auto Body) to assist in their Wipe New review.


Leahy found an old headlight in his stockpile for their test.  “The plastic is actually breaking down,” notes Leahy as he shows Kirker Morgan they old headlight “…and what would eventually happen is that the light would not be able to project through that they way it should.”

Leady notes how Wipe New Headlight Restore works well after application, but they wondered how it will look after some time has passed.  They checked it 10 days later and saw that the light maintained a “distinct improvement.”

“I think from a consumer stand point it is a great alternative to new headlights which could be several hundred dollars,” says Leahy.

Kirker Morgan concludes the review by saying “Wipe New is definitely a bright idea and real buy at just $10.”

Watch the entire Wipe New Headlight Restore review


11 Jan

Wipe New Gets the Green Light!

“Overtime the sun is going to zap the shine and luster right out of your car.” says WBRZ anchor Whitney Vann. “Even before the paint fades spots like the bumpers, mirrors and trims show the first signs of aging” adds fellow anchor John Pastorek. Vann and Pastorek decide to take Wipe New to June (from of Baton Rouge’s auto body shop, United Collision Center) to see if Wipe New really works.


June uses painter’s tape to divide the front bumper, a sideview mirror and a door handle in half. June then applies Wipe New on the car, but on each half of each of these three items. She remarks that she was only using about one cap’s worth of Wipe New and, after pulling off the tape to compare the two sides of the bumper, June exclaims “Wow. You can actually tell the difference!”

“It looks pretty good” June replies when asked if she thought Wipe New worked. Vann and Pastorek gave Wipe New their most positive, “green light” rating!

Watch WBRZ’s full Wipe New review

03 Jan

CBS Station Declares Wipe New Headlight Restore a Clear Winner!


Jay Frank – of KEPR-TV (Pasco, Washington) – recently reviewed our Wipe New Headlight Restore for the station’s “Will it Work?” series. He begins by telling viewers that he received notice from an auto mechanic regarding the headlights on his Monte Carlo. He decides to pass on the expensive treatment offered by his mechanic and to give Wipe New Headlight Restore a try.

Frank shows how he carefully followed the Wipe New instructions being sure to wear the supplied gloves and applying Wipe New Headlight Restore with one simple pass. “Wipe New was wiping true” Frank noticed right away. “It looked like 3 years was swiped off that headlight before my eyes.”

Frank reviews his headlights at a later time and he gives Wipe New Headlight Restore his “Get it!” rating. “Wipe New is a clear winner” he declares.

Watch the Wipe New Headlight Restore review from KEPR