18 Feb

Tips for Driving in the Snow

red sedan on a snow-covered road

If you live in regions that experience severe weather, traveling can be both frightening and dangerous during winter storms. Slippery roads, a lack of visibility, and decreased control over your vehicle cause more than 2,000 road deaths every winter according to the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety. Although it is best to stay home and avoid driving during severe weather, if you happen to find yourself in a risky situation, follow these four tips when traveling in snowy and icy conditions:

Increase Following Distance

If you find yourself on a snowy road, increase the following distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you by five to six seconds. This increased space between vehicles will provide longer distance if you need to stop short.

Do Not Stop If You Can Avoid It

Instead of hitting the brakes in situations you know you will need to come to a complete stop, such as a traffic light, try to slow down enough to keep rolling until the light changes.

Deal with Slippery Spots

When driving in snowy and icy conditions, it is more than likely that you will come across a slick spot. If this occurs, do not panic and do not slam on the brakes. When sliding out of control, turn the steering wheel in the direction that the rear of the car is sliding to quickly regain traction.

If there is salt on the roads, this should help keep the slippery spots to a minimum. Road salt is great for safer driving, but not great for the exterior of your vehicle. Over time, road salt can cause an extensive damage to vehicles since it is extremely corrosive. To protect your vehicle from the damage of road salt, try using Wipe New® Original. This unique formula restores your vehicle’s trim in one quick, easy application and protects your vehicle from sun exposure, road salt, and other harsh elements.

Use Your Brake System

Lastly, get to know your brakes. Vehicles are equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS) to optimize the car’s breaking in extreme conditions. If you are skidding and cannot recover, push down the brake pedal hard, yet controlled, and the ABS system will allow you to keep the brake pedal fully engaged while steering around obstacles.

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21 Jan

The Clean Classic: Keeping Your Vintage Ride Spotless

vintage brown coupe on a road with weeping willow trees

Cleaning your vehicle is something that all new car owners must do from time to time, but how should you go about cleaning a classic vehicle? The fact of the matter is these vehicles have different rules that must be followed in order to keep them in pristine condition. Below are some tips on how to clean modern and classic vehicles.

Cleaning Tips for Modern Cars

While it is certainly important to be mindful when washing your modern vehicle, the process can often be much simpler than a classic car. Automated car washes are an option, as most cars won’t scratch from these systems nowadays, and they are simple and affordable. If you are more of a DIY kind of person, self-washing can be as simple as spraying and wiping! To get the most out of your headlights during the cleaning process use Wipe New® Headlight Restore to keep your headlights as shiny as your car!

Cleaning Tips for Classic Cars

The first and most important tip for cleaning a classic car is to wash it strictly by hand. Automated car washes can often be too abrasive and may scratch the coating and paint. Automated car washes also do not properly dry your car, which can sometimes result in rusting and degradation of your beloved vehicle. On the topic of water, when washing your beloved classic ride, try to use water sparingly, as any water left behind in any crack or crevice can cause rust. Be sure to fully dry your vehicle after the cleaning process to ensure your classic car stays beautiful for years to come!

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11 Nov

Save Time with Wipe New

“Tired of your vehicle looking faded and dull?” asks anchorwoman Corie Ventura from NBC station WREG (Memphis, TN). “Wipe New claims to protect and restore your vehicle plus give it a showroom shine, but does it work?”

Ventura meets with Charles Sweeny – equipment manager and travel coordinator for the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team – and Sweeney explains how his hectic schedule affects how and when he can care for his car. “Charles hopes Wipe New lives up to its claim of wiping once….”


They started by using Wipe New on the bumper and only applied the treatment to the right side of so they could see a difference. They then move on by applying Wipe New to sun damaged side mirror and then in the interior of the car including the dash.

After a week they checked back in to see how Wipe New stood the test of time. “You could tell a difference between the treated area and the side of the bumper we left untouched” reported Ventura. “The interior kept its gloss, and the side mirror looked new.”

“Wipe New, you passed the ‘Does It Work?’ test” she declares.

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04 Nov

Wipe New Tires Receives Thumbs Up Rating

Kurt Aaron, of ABC station WNEP 16 (Scranton, PA) recently reviewed Wipe New Tires for his “Does it Really Work?” series and he was pleased with the results.

“Cleaning your car and not your tires is like wearing your suit with sneakers” Aaron begins the segment “so where going to talk about Wipe New.” Aaron then decides to visit Classic Car Wash in Clarks, Summit PA to put Wipe New Tires to the test.

wipe-new-tires-review-WNEPManager Brian Hering say the clean hundreds of cars a week including tires. Aaron and his friends at Classic Car Wash decide to compare (3) tires on the WNEP van. One tire is left untreated, one receives a standard tire cleaner used by the car wash, and the last tire is applied with Wipe New Tires. After allowing the sufficient time to dry the WNEP van is then repeatedly run through the car wash.

What were the results? “The tire with Wipe New looks pretty good. The other two didn’t hold up” reports Aaron.

“I’m impressed” responds Hering who gave Wipe New Tires two thumbs up.

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20 Oct

Wipe New: Some FAQs and Customer Reviews

wipe-new-review-seentv-showcaseSeenTV Showcase is a website that focuses on the most popular As Seen on TV products and they’ve written an extensive page about Wipe New.

On their “Wipe New Car Surface Restorer” page, the reviewers provide a clear description about Wipe New, they list many features of Wipe New, and they provide a long list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Wipe New car trim restorer.

Actual Wipe New customers also have an opportunity to discuss Wipe New. Here are some of the comments people have made about Wipe New and SeenTV Showcase:

“I tried many products in the past to the point I would consider myself an expert in car detailing and take pride in keeping my car clean. I thought the size of the wipe new bottle wouldn’t be enough to do much and wouldn’t last long but I was very wrong. I’ve applied wipe new to the trim, bumpers, mirrors and interior of my car and when I was done it looked brand new again.” – Chris P.

“I used Wipe New inside and outside of my car. This stuff is really amazing.” – Dale

“I was very impressed with the results from using Wipe New and how versatile it was on cleaning different surfaces.” – George

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24 Sep

Wipe New Makes a Big Difference

Kirk Yuhnke – of KDVR (Denver, CO) – recently reviewed Wipe New for his “Kirk, Does It Work” series and he asks one local auto dealership to help him with the Wipe New review.

“300 days of sunshine! We love our sunny state but it can wreak havoc on our cars. It can destroy the dashboard, the bumpers and other plastics” Yuhnke begins “Wipe New claims to fix that. Making your car look like new.”


Kirk decides to test Wipe New by visiting car dealership, Mazda of Lakewood, who accepts a lot of trade-in cars as they do business. Kirk looks for the most “faded plastic and rubber in their lot” and they put Wipe New to the test.

They treated various parts of the car including the back molding, interior plastic and a front grill. “It was immediately clear that Wipe New was making a big difference” says Kirk.

Mazda of Lakewood representative, Ricky, cautions that a lot of car trim restorers look good at the beginning but fade away in less than a week. “Time will tell.” Kirk follows up with Ricky a week later and reports that he “is pretty impressed” with how Wipe New works and is keeping its’ shine.

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29 Aug

Save Time and Money with Wipe New

In her review of Wipe New for ShopperTested, Jen Hughes begins by saying she grew up around cars. “Growing up in Indianapolis, going to the Indy 500 every Memorial Day weekend was a tradition in my family. Our dad is a mechanic and swore he was going to keep the legacy alive despite having two daughters….And, now that I’m an adult living on my own, I enjoy using that knowledge because I can fix pretty much any car problem myself.”


Jen also cares about regular upkeep for her car and stated that her father “recommended Wipe New for my car care….” She goes to point out that Wipe New should not be used on glass surfaces but is “safe and effective on a variety of other surfaces such as rubber, chrome, plastic, leather, vinyl, metallic, and acrylic surfaces.”

“This stuff works great on bumpers and flares. The car looks brand new,” Jen concludes. “Wipe New saves so much money and time because it restores and protects with one swipe….”

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30 Jul

Wipe New: A Little Goes a Long Way!

SuperShopper recently reviewed Wipe New on Amazon and he began by discussing the sun-worn flares and bumpers on his 2008 Jeep, some methods he used in the past to try and correct the problem, and his reservations about Wipe New.

He goes on to discuss how impressed he was with the Wipe New product. “It went on smoothly,” he says, “and one bottle covered two full plastic bumpers, 4 big fender flares, two door handles, the hood latches, both mirror assemblies, the headlights, back gate hinge covers, wiper arms on the front and back, the sides of the hard top, and the headlights on another car!! AND I still have enough to do the top of the hard top if I decide to climb up there and do it one day!!!”

A “little bottle goes a long, long, long way!” he declares.

And has Wipe New stood the tests of weather and time? “It’s been a month” since applying Wipe New on his Jeep, says SuperShopper, and “we have had rain and thunderstorms, I live in Oklahoma so we have had plenty of sun to beat down on it too….so far I’m very impressed.”

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