Wipe New Restore (INSTRUCTIONS)

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• Prep all surfaces intended for application at the same time so that you can maximize the use of each Wipe-It. ™ Once the Wipe-It  is opened it begins to dry. Do not open the Wipe-It until needed and complete the application within a few minutes.

• When applying Wipe New®,  wear the protective nitrile gloves and always use it in a well ventilated area. Failure to wear protective gloves may result in injury.

• Let Wipe New  dry for 1 hour in a dry, well-ventilated area before touching the treated surface.

• Contact with any type of moisture during or within 24 hours of application will result in streaking or spotting. Allow treated surface to cure for 24 hours before exposure to moisture (rain, dew, sprinklers, etc)

• Do not apply Wipe New  to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight as this may cause the surface to appear streaked. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and cool to the touch before applying Wipe New.

• If Wipe New  comes in contact with an unintended surface wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth.

• If Wipe New  begins to dry on the applicator cloth, streaking may occur. Once the applicator cloth dries out completely, it cannot be reused and must be discarded (see step 3 for disposal instructions).

• Store Wipe New  in a cool dry place and discard within one year of purchase.

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1) Clean all surfaces intended for application at the same time and allow them to dry completely prior to application of Wipe New.

PLASTIC/VINYL/LEATHER/STONE: Wash with soap and water or a mild degreaser and scrub with a brush to get ingrained dirt out of all the tight areas (make sure the brush is appropriate for cleaning the surface without damage). If the surface has been treated before with waxes, conditioners, or silicon-based products, then use a degreaser to remove all remnants of the previously used products.

METAL: New metal surfaces that are being coated for corrosion protection can simply be wiped down with a dry rag to remove dust prior to applying Wipe New.  Most metallic surfaces that have been exposed to the environment will need to be washed with soap and water or a mild degreaser and scrubbed with a brush to get ingrained dirt out of all the
tight areas. Non-painted metallic surfaces that have been exposed to the outdoors and have a bit of surface mineralization (ex: brass, zinc, stainless steel surfaces, etc.) can be washed and dried with soap and water and then further prepared with a light scrubbing from steel wool to remove the surface mineralization. All dust or metallic particles will have to be wiped off with a dry cloth and the surface clean and dry prior to coating.

2) Put on the chemical resistant gloves, ensure that you are in a well ventilated area and that the surface intended for application is completely dry. Tear open the Wipe-It TM packet and remove the applicator cloth. Carefully coat the surface in a single wipe, from one row to the next, with a slight overlap (like mowing a lawn) until the surface is completely coated. It is not necessary to scrub or buff the surface–doing so will lead to
undesireable results and product waste.

If streaking on the surface appears, then it is time to open another Wipe-ItTM and continue the application process. It is important to complete the surface that you started before Wipe New  dries so that the coat cures evenly.

On plastic or vinyl surfaces that have high exposure to sunlight, a second coat can be applied before the first coat cures. See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

3) When finished, set the applicator cloths in a location out of the reach of children and allow them to dry completely prior to discarding (a few hours).

The surface will dry to the touch in about 1 hour and be cured completely after 24 hours. Do not allow a treated surface to come in contact with direct moisture (rain, dew, puddles, etc) for 24 hours after application.



Do I have to wear gloves and eye protection when using Wipe New ?

We recommend wearing eye protection as well as the included gloves when applying Wipe New. Wipe New may irritate skin and/or eyes upon contact, and can also be difficult to remove from the skin once dry. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, hold eye open and thoroughly flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. (see cautions)

Can I put a second coat of Wipe New  on?

We do not recommend applying a second coat to hard, non-porous surfaces (ex: stainless steel grills). On plastic or vinyl surfaces that have high exposure to sunlight, a second coat can be applied to further seal the first coat and bring the surface up to a higher gloss level. Apply the second coat with a new Wipe-It 10-15 minutes after the first coat has been applied. Do not apply a secondcoat if the first coat has already dried. Once Wipe New dries, a second coat will not adhere well to the first coat of Wipe New.

Is it ok to apply Wipe New  in direct sunlight and/or to hot surfaces? Will being out in the sun speed up the drying process (maybe I’ll need to use a second coat)?

For best results, apply Wipe New  to a cool surface in a shaded, well-ventilated area. While the sun does speed up the drying process, a hot surface or direct sun can speed drying too much and cause the surface to appear streaked. A second coat of Wipe New will not resolve this issue.

How long does it take for Wipe New  to dry? What happens if the treated surface gets wet before it dries completely (i.e. morning dew, rain)?

After applying Wipe New, we recommend that you allow 1 hour of drying time before touching the surface and a full 24 hours to cure before exposure to moisture of any kind. If the surface gets wet before Wipe New cures, you may see streaking or spotting in the finish. A second coat of Wipe New will not resolve this issue.

Will Wipe New  damage my clothes?

Wipe New  contains no dyes, however, it does harden as it dries and may damage your clothing.

How can I remove Wipe New ?

Wipe New is easily removed from an unintended surface if it is wiped off immediately with a dry towel. Acetone can also be used on metallic or ceramic surfaces to remove Wipe New before it has dried. Do not use Acetone on plastic, rubber, or vinyl surfaces as it may damage the surface.  Once Wipe New cures it is extremely difficult to remove.

Why does the surface look streaked while/immediately after applying Wipe New?

Streaking may occur if 1) prior to beginning the surface has not been thoroughly prepped (cleaned with soap and water, free of greases/oils and dust particles), 2) the cloth begins to dry during application, 3) the treated surface is exposed to moisture during or within 24 hours of application, or 4) Wipe New was applied to a hot surface or in direct sunlight, causing it to cure faster and unevenly.

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CAUTION: VAPOR HARMFUL – Avoid inhalation of vapors. Use only outdoors or in well ventilated areas. If over exposed to vapors, remove to fresh air. If breathing is difficult, seek medical attention immediately.

SKIN & EYE IRRITANT – ALWAYS WEAR SKIN AND EYE PROTECTION. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, hold eye open and thoroughly flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention. Store in a cool, dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

For hazardous materials incident spill, leak, fire, exposure, or accident: call Chemtrec day or night within the USA & Canada: 1-800-424-9300 Outside USA & Canada: 1-703-527-3887 (collect calls accepted)

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